What is IceWarp? Why Use IceWarp?


What Is IceWarp Today? Why Use IceWarp? question; For those looking for alternatives to MS Exchange, Office 365 and G Suite, we answer!

Today, the use of e-mail is so large that even the largest instant messaging and social media platforms cannot compete: The number of e-mail users all over the world is more than 4 billion, and the number of e-mails sent in a day is 306 billion.

This is interpreted as an indication of the need for robust solutions in the way of communication and collaboration in the working environment, especially for businesses, and the interest in e-mail and collaboration-oriented digital tools for businesses whose business processes are based on e-mail and virtual teamwork is increasing day by day.

What is IceWarp?

IceWarp is a popular email and collaboration solution with over 50 million users worldwide. Offering tools for real-time teamwork and simplified sharing options with a user-friendly interface, IceWarp is designed as an innovative “all-in-one” platform for teamwork.

Features of IceWarp

IceWarp, which stands out with its corporate collaboration software widely used in many companies around the world, is currently the only powerful alternative that can be used instead of MS Exchange, Office 365 and G Suite. IceWarp brings team members together in a single environment, providing convenient workspaces for them to be more productive.

We can list the other features of IceWarp, which has components such as private cloud options, an intrusion prevention system integrated with MDM, and account-level security controls with 2FA:

– End-to-end encrypted video conferences with recording and screen sharing
– Public and private team chats with free guest access
– Document editing with online and desktop office
– Private messaging and video calls
– Outlook compatibility and native desktop client for full synchronization of email, contacts, calendar and tasks
– Email archiving
– Advanced protection against malware, zero hour protection, phishing, DLP

What are the Advantages of Using IceWarp?


As it is known, many studies; It presents results that emphasize that teams working for a common purpose perform 5 times better, and that cooperation and teamwork are important for effective communication and better performance.

Companies that want to overcome barriers to teamwork and create a collaborative work environment must equip their ecosystems with integrated tools that allow seamless interaction between employees.

In addition, in the past period, social distance requirements and quarantines have made it mandatory for companies to adapt to remote work by restructuring their business models. Although not entirely, many companies still prefer to work remotely.

All these researches and developments highlight the necessity of keeping employees together despite different cities, countries and even time zones.

At this point, IceWarp, which is a powerful e-mail and collaboration tool with its focus on time saving, strengthening team relations, better project management and organization, is one of the most important supporters of a successful business strategy.

From email to TeamChat, from recordable video conferences to document sharing and co-editing; Focusing on optimizing teamwork in all aspects, IceWarp cares not only about cost-effectiveness but also data security. “IceWarp Security” components secure confidential and sensitive data by offering end-to-end encrypted channels, 2-factor authentication and Zero Hour protection against spoofing and malware attacks. Also, IceWarp is GDPR + HIPAA compliant in preference to save data in local data centers.

Moreover, IceWarp, one of the strongest competitors in the leadership race in developing corporate email communication and collaboration solutions, is designed to move all your data securely and seamlessly against the possibility of incompatibility or interruption between old and new platforms in data migration. IceWarp, which promises a smooth transition from Exchange, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and ZOHO; It also facilitates the transition between platforms with zero loss and zero downtime.


Serving over 50 million users and 50,000 customers in more than 50 countries worldwide, IceWarp is a user-friendly email and collaboration platform designed with a focus on enterprise collaboration and productivity, providing seamlessly integrated communication solutions for businesses.

What is IceWarp in a nutshell? Why Use IceWarp? We can say that the question may cause those looking for a highly collaborative online office solution to find the best alternative.

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