What is Domain? How Do We Choose the Right Domain?

Domain names, one of the key parts of the Internet, make website addresses meaningful and easy to remember. However, the power of domain names includes more than just the ability to address websites: Choosing the right domain name can have a huge impact on the success, reputation and awareness of your site or brand.

For this reason, one of the most important decisions you need to make to set up a website; What will your domain name be?

What is Domain?

Domain; It is a naming method developed by internet authorities to be used instead of IP addresses that are difficult to remember. The name you choose for your site; The version used with an extension such as .com, .net is called a domain name or domain.

One of the most accurate definitions that can be made for the domain is the “name and address of your site” because users reach your site using your domain name.

In other words; The part of an address such as https://www.google.com typed in the address bar to enter a website, consisting of the site name and extension in the form of google.com, is called a domain.

It is impossible for two separate websites to have the same domain. Domains that are unique, such as fingerprints; It corresponds to long and hard-to-remember numbers called IP (Internet Protocol Address) numbers.

In other words, if there were no domains, you would have to type a number like in the address bar to enter Google.

The domain name you enter in your browser, thanks to the system called DNS (The Domain Name System), which connects billions of internet users and more than 300 million domain names; converted to the corresponding IP address. Like this; computers used by visitors; can find the server where the content of the website is stored.

In fact, this process, which takes a few milliseconds, includes many steps in the image above.

What Does Domain Registration Mean?

Domain or domain name registration, also called domain purchase; means that you register and rent your website name on yourself so that no one else can use it.

In other words, it’s not actually about buying a domain name, it’s about renting the domain name you specify for 1 year. For this reason, domain registration must be renewed periodically.

This means that the name of your site that reflects your business or identity may be taken by others. That is, the domain name of your site; On the domain inquiry pages, it will appear available for those who are looking for a name for their site to save. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the renewal date when registering a domain.

Why is Domain Important?

Your domain name; directly affects how you are searched or found in the digital world. Since it will present the first impression about you, it must be chosen carefully, taking the time to think about it.

Since domains offer the opportunity to reflect you or your business very well, they can also be very useful in marketing strategies; can build trust in your products and services. However, on the contrary, if you cannot make the right choice for the domain, you may have difficulties in terms of brand awareness.

Since hosting packages also offer e-mail accounts containing your domain name, using e-mail accounts specific to your domain name instead of using free e-mail accounts such as Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail will make you and your company look more professional and your e-mail address will be remembered more easily.

Importance of Domain Query in Choosing the Right Domain Name

The process that allows you to find out whether the domain name you have specified for your website has already been taken and find the available domain name is called Domain Inquiry.

Even if you have found a good idea, you should check whether the domain name you have in mind is available, that is, its availability by domain inquiry.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Domain

In fact, domain registration, which is a simple and short-term process; the most difficult phase; it may be to decide on one of the word alternatives to find the ideal domain name.

Your first impression should be as good as possible, as your domain name is the first thing your potential followers will see before your site. In addition, since it has the potential to affect the ranking in the search results; Let’s take a look at the points you need to be careful to choose a useful and effective domain?

– Your own name or the name you set for your website; If it is not available in the domain name query, you can use the keywords related to the content of your website or the work you do in your domain name.

– Your domain name should be as short and memorable as possible. You should take care to choose a unique domain for your website, consisting of no more than three words.

– In addition, being easy to read is also one of the criteria to be considered when choosing a domain. You should stay away from words that can be read in different ways, cause misunderstandings and are difficult to pronounce.

– For an easy-to-write site address, you should avoid domains that contain numbers and hyphens, which can cause confusion.

– Before registering a domain, it is recommended to research whether there are pre-owned versions of the words you specified in different extensions such as .com and .net. If you have and are committed to the same name; You should definitely check out other sites with the same name but different extensions, and be careful not to be an imitator.

– You can change the name of your site at any time, but this may result in a decrease in the number of visitors or lower your Google ranking. That’s why it’s important to focus on a name that you can use for a long time and choose a domain that you won’t have to change later.

– Also, by registering alternatives containing frequently used extensions such as .net, .org, .info, and domain names in misspelled versions of your website address; you can prevent your imitators from increasing their traffic and your visitors from being scammed by your imitators.

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